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Automotive Applications

paper corner protector

Masking Paper
Automotive Use.

Masking paper offer professional results on your auto-body paint job by relying on masking paper to protect the areas where you aren�t working. You can always be sure of having the right materials for the job, helping you to work faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Masking Paper is the standard in the industry and meets demanding professional result. Available in many lengths, these papers will fit your needs and can save you money.


Kraft Paper

Greaseproof paper roll

Brown Kraft Paper
Industrial Use

Our Kraft Brown Paper Rolls are strong and cost effective way of packing and wrapping. Enjoy our selection of brown kraft paper offered in various sizes, textures and paper stock weights.


Request a small sample via email, we can offer custom sizes, weights, and other special requirement. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


PE Coated Paper

PE Coated paper

PE Coated paper

We offer a wide range of PE-coated paper which is made by extruding polyethylene on a paper surface to obtain a protective barrier against moisture or to make food bags and pouches easier to seal. And paper & polyethylene are available and vary depending on the customer�s preference.


PE-coated papers are mainly used for sugar pouches, freeze-dried food, soups, pet food, powdered drinks, and medicines, but also for packaging reams of paper.


Paper Boxes


Paper Boxes

Use for any packaging, we offers single, double and triple walls paper board with different specification to meet demanding requirements. Paper board can be converted into box, partition, tray and cushioning. Besides corrugated paper boxes we also offers a range of standard paper products. This includes archive, storage and packing boxes.


We believe with our years of experience, we will be able to provide you a satisfactory solution to your paper product requirements and needs.